Up North Décor officially opened its doors March 18, 2015 in downtown Howell, Michigan. Our first store was Ranger Bob’s Trading Post in Gatlinburg, TN which we sold in 2008 and moved back to Michigan.  Up North Décor is very similar to our previous store the difference being here I have added lake, cottage, and vineyards to the theme.

When I was young my family would frequently venture up north around Dublin, MI for weekend getaways, time with friends and family, and this is where we would spend our holidays.  What we all loved about going up north was the laid back attitude, roughing it, few rules, and of course meals cooked over the campfire.  We enjoyed spending time together outdoors hiking through the woods, mushroom hunting, canoeing down the Pine River, going to the beaches of the Great Lakes, visiting Mackinac Island, and many more of Northern Michigan’s great destinations.

The atmosphere of Up North Décor has that relaxed good feeling of being surrounded by nature and wildlife. Michiganders have always enjoyed the four seasons and beauty of our state which I depict in the theme of the store.  

I love to see our customers light up when they talk about “their place” up north (and sometimes locally) whether it is a cabin, cottage on a lake, or a favorite state park for their RV’s and tents because this is where they get away to relax, enjoy the great outdoors, and share good times.

We hope you will stop in at Up North Décor and tell us where your favorite “Up North” getaway is.


Donna & Tim Hostetler


UpNorth Decor in downtown Howell, Michigan offers home, cabin, and cottage furnishings
that represent what we love about our Michigan great outdoors.

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